Website Achievements

Throughout the website I have managed to create web pages that are XHTML and CSS compliant whilst implementing technologies like: PHP for dynamic code, sitemaps for helping search engines find the pages easier and robots.txt to determine what website crawlers look for.

The website code meets the following standards:

  • Valid CSSValid CSS stylesheets to display text, images, tables and so on in wonderful ways.
  • Valid Robots fileValid Robots.txt file for use by website crawlers.
  • Valid RSSValid RSS feed code for live bookmarks on your web browser.
  • Valid Robots fileValid Sitemap for use by website crawlers.
  • Valid XHTMLValid XHTML code to display web pages on your browser.
  • Valid XMLValid XML code for use with RSS feeds, WML pages and Sitemaps.
  • Valid WMLValid WML code for use with WAP enabled devices such as mobile phones.
  • Valid Robots fileThis website meets the requirements of Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 Conformance Level 3.

To add to this, I have also made other websites and they can be seen by clicking on the links below:

May 2004: Baldeep Birak website - My first website, Baldeep's personal website. This is a personal website about me and what I like. Please bare in mind the adverts.

December 2007: (this website) - My official website, Baldeep's new personal website. This is a personal website about me, my achievements and more. There are no adverts and this has all my clean code that I have learnt over the years using PHP and XHTML.

June 2008: Simple CAPTCHAs - The CAPTCHAs on this website are simple, FREE to download & use on your website.

December 2008: - Is your ISP giving you nightmares, get your own back today. We look to name and shame or fame them so that the service improves by all ISPs.

July 2015: Birak IT - Do you need IT support for your business? Are you starting your own business? Birak IT is here for you taking ownership of all your IT needs so you can focus on your business. We can get you up and running, we can get you the right IT kit, helping you make the right purchase so it doesn't cost you twice. Speak to the team on 01489 290 001.