The Teams

Out of all the teams in the world, for me the international team is India. I started supporting them from a young age and the little master (Sachin Tendulkar) is my favourite player of all time. Hampshire are my local team as that's my county. Like football I do support the team closest to my home. There is a third team I support when the Indian Premier League (IPL) is on and that team is Kings XI Punjab.

Each team has there home stadium or one that is special to me:

  • England - Lords (in my opinion is the best ground in England)
  • Hampshire - Rose Bowl
  • India - Mumbai (home of the little master)
  • Kings XI Punjab - Dharamsala and Mohali

Out of all the grounds I've seen to date, Dharamsala is my favourite as it has some of the best views around the stadium (not just for a cricket ground but in the world). There are a couple of websites that enthasize how good this ground is, they include: see before you die and snow crest.