Hello and welcome to Baldeep's personal website. I made this site for expressing myself, my interests and know how of technology we see and hear everyday. I started making this website whilst studying in second half of my final year at Portsmouth Univerisity. In addition to this you can find out more about my final year project and my career history.

Every website is different and to make it easier to navigate through, I have included a help section page under the menu contact me (see above menu). This will go through the site navigation with some screenshots. As the website is being developed around my life, there may be lack of content in certain areas of the site so please bare with me as it takes time.

If you would like to know more about me then I would strongly recommend you look at the interests section. On top of that a brief view of technology talking about gadgets and website making can also be found on the website. Once you have had a look around, please feel free to sign my guestbook for all to see.

For this website I am implementing the following technologies:

If you find any mistakes in the website or feel that any content is incorrect, please contact me and leave a message. Alternatively leave a message if you feel like leaving any positive feedback. Thanks for viewing and you're welcome back anytime.